A Shameless Plea for Comments

We’ve now reached the highwater mark for visitors to this site twice in three days: four! Four distinct IP addresses have made their way here on two separate days, and as many as twelve human beings may have seen this website. Yet as one of these visitors noted: no comments. Not even a “This website sucks,” nor a “Your monkey’s kung fu is weak.” This is not keeping with the radically democratic ethos of the internet age.

So c’mon folks: pony up the verbiage. Your courage shall be justly rewarded. Conversely, your reticence will be ruthlessly punished by “chain letter normativity.” You will most likely get sued by a “Maori lawyer” and attacked by a vervet monkey, possibly simultaneously. Trust me, this is not fun.


One Response to A Shameless Plea for Comments

  1. Bear says:

    I think the Chi is bad; maybe you need a potted plant or a vase on your blogsite.

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